Now for the Brand New!

Next up, and brand new to the site and the store, we made several discoveries on our trip to Baja this past January, and one of them is something we’re really excited about! 

Flat Earth Kayak Sails

These superb extensions to your kayaking enjoyment really cross the line between kayaking and sailing in any number of ways, from easy distance champs in even benign conditions to adrenaline-jagging rides in following seas. Australian Mick MacRobb has ‘evolutionized’ these sails over an extended period and has come up with a really effective sail, the new Trade Wind series. Three different sizes will well match your boat length and purpose. With an accessory mounting kit, you can move one sail from one kayak to another. We are really excited to represent this sail in the Northeastern USA market, as team members of Flat Earth Sail North America!

Get ’em while they are hot! We can offer you installation and/or installation advice as well. If you would like to demo the sails before you plunk down on one, contact us to arrange a demo. We have  0.7 and 0.8 Trade Winds mounted on a couple of Tiderace Xplore M, ready for a go!

As an example of the blast you can have with Kayak Sailing check out this picture below, by Ginni Callahan.



Hold on, we're not done yet! We're very happy to be able to introduce the USA paddling community to...

Rebel Kayaks

We are going to be distributing composite greenland kayaks that are known as Rebel Kayaks. These are sparkling upgrades of Johan Wirsen’s of previous designs the LC Greenland and the Greenland T. Those boats, while having wonderful lines, needed a bit more care and feeding in the construction phase, and Johan formed a partnership with Aquarius Kayaks in Poland to make the kayaks more robust. These craft have kept all of their good looks and performance, while vastly improving the construction details.


These kayak have been available in Europe for well over two years and the reports are very positive. Strong AND light, they are easy to paddle and roll. We believe these kayak deserve a place in the USA. In our view they fill a niche between our big water Tiderace offerings and our custom Skin on frames.

One of the cool things about the kayaks is that they are infinitely customizable by individual owners, and one of the two Ilaga demos we have here will stay stock and the other will undergo tweaking and adjusting to get optimal fit for our purposes.

We have two Ilaga for folks to assess. Unfortunately we don't have stock yet in the T, and the higher volume and but still hard-chined and highly rockered Husky.

We are placing a container order by late spring with delivery to the USA by late summer. We’ll announce pricing very shortly. This is going to be a pre-order situation for customers, so if you want one, we recommend that you jump into the queue as the spots in the container are going fast! Additionally if you are a dealer, or want to put together a group order, please be in touch, and we’ll flesh out those details in full.

And that isn't all! We have some other new offerings percolating, in short term, that we're excited about offering, but lets pivot to tried and true...


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