Spring? Let's do it!

I am not sure this weather qualifies as Spring but let's just chalk this up to things beyond our control. After hardly any snow and simply ridiculous temperatures, since the scant snow disappeared ending skiing in mid-March for the most part, it has turned unseasonably cold, cold, cold. But we digress!

Lots of upgrades in the store and on the site. Lots still to do before we are off down the bouncing, rolling,paddling road. But yeah, we have old and new bursting at the seams. Kayaking gear and kayaks galore… next post for details, but first, a reminder of some of our long term projects that we carry in our store! Why not take a look? give it a go!

Tiderace Kayaks

We have been involved with Tiderace Kayaks for a while now, but the presence on our website has been a bit understated. Now we’ve filled out the site and you can feast your eyes on more detail. We have also put those models in the store so that you can check pricing, layup and color choices, and other options.

By mid-April, we will have, in stock, several different models in three different layups. They range from the Xcape-S and Xcite-S through the Xplore, Xcite, and Xtra, and on to the Pace 17 and 18. Our pages reflect the 2016 Tiderace workbook for ordering information, but there will always be incremental changes going forward, regarding ordering. 

We highly recommend that you use the store as an educational tool, and then, before you order, if that is your intent, just drop me a note by e-mail and we can compare notes to make certain that the details match. But if you already know what you want to order, by all means let it rip!


Occasionally it doesn't hurt to mention of what we already offer, through our Online Store, just as reminder if nothing else! Yes, we do carry composite kayaks! We like them. But we of, course, will also continue to offer Kayak Ways Qajaq and Paatit, very sharp bespoke designs in the traditional Greenlandic Skin on Frame tradition.


Fit just to you and your kayaking passions, we love building these awesome and inspiring kayak forms. We have also been carving custom greenland sticks for 15 years. All the miles we have paddled, all of the places we have been, all of the people we have met, they have all informed the work we produce. These solid wood beauties are evolutionary and experiential designs, produced in the finest spruces, firs and cedars available.

Our two rolling videos, ‘This is the Roll’ and ‘This is the Roll 2’, produced by the extraordinary filmmaker Justine Curgenven, have been widely acclaimed and continue to be very popular with kayakers everywhere. The water’s warming up, even in the great state of Maine. Now’s the time to refresh or grow in your rolling and bracing skills. These are both also available as digital downloads!

We have a sampling of Justine’s DVD series, ‘This is the Sea …’ too if you haven’t these in your collection. Hint, hint, Cheri Perry is featured in Volume 3!!!


There is also Reed Chillcheater kit, of course. If you don’t see what you want, and you know its in their catalogue, we can get it for you. A lot of the kit is custom to you as well, so make sure you fill out the appropriate fitting form.

So, next post we'll get to some stuff that really is Spring-like and new, at least to us!

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