Brooks Akuilisaq - Greenland Summer Skirt


The Akuilisaq is worn during the warmer months in place of the tuilik.

  • 3mm nylon two side neoprene
  • grippy skin rubber on shockcord casing
  • 1" nylon webbing shoulder straps
  • black

Sizes: S-XL(body size)  The rim is adjustable and will fit all traditional Greenland ocean cockpit sizes.

Unisex Sizing Guide

Order Small if you are under 5'and under 100 lbs, this is really a child's size

Order Medium if you are under 5'5" and under 130 lbs but larger than size Small

Order Medium-Large if you are under 5'8" and under 155 lbs but larger than size Medium

Order Large if you are under 5'10" and under 180 lbs but larger than size Medium Large

Order Extra Large if you are over 5'10" and over 180 lbs.

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