Wooden Kayak Ways Greenland Paddle


"I just opened the package today.  The paddle is OUTSTANDING.  Beautiful in symmetry, finish and feel, as well as form and function.  Hard to see how it could be hand made.  Way above and beyond what I expected! Thanks for making it."   Ron M

Turner has been making a very limited number of paddles every year for over a decade.

These blades come in many shapes. species and sizes, per request. 

All paddles are still made out of a single stick of extraordinary wood, selected by hand.

All Kayak Ways paddles are individually hand-carved, and no two are alike!  

Shouldered or unshouldered, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, or Sitka Spruce.

Sized to fit you, your kayak, your water!

A survey and measurement form will be sent upon ordering, to help you decide what kind of paddle you would like Turner to carve for you!

Shipping for this item is $43 in the USA, for other countries we will email you with a shipping rate.