Perhaps YOU have an idea about where we should be? If so, be in touch! We are always open to new inquiries and ideas! if we build it together it will be cool!

June 2020

For the last 6 months, the entire planet as been trying to understand and deal with the implications of the new Coronavirus contagion. This is a perilous time with consequences at every turn.

You won't see many events this summer or fall, and you won't see us at any of them, if things continue as they are, unless of course you see us somewhere in Maine! To all of our many friends, all over this remarkable and presently troubled planet, we will keep you in our hearts, and wishing you safe passage through to a brighter future. 

As we stand today, the 23rd of June, we'd both urge all of you assess the risks in your area and plan accordingly. Despite what some folks think, we are not out of the woods by any stretch. Without a vaccine available, we don't have much to work with that can turn this tide other than wearing masks in public spaces, assessing appropriate distances, and using our brains, rather than our emotions.  

Take care, beware! You are the light in this world!


January 2019

Wow! This past year has been quite different for us. Outside of personal trips, more often than not, to or with family that we haven't seen as much as we like in the past decade, we've been pretty close to home. 

We have also both shifted gears, calling time on our intensive travel schedule, teaching kayaking, week in and week out. The road warrior lifestyle has been rewarding and challenging in equal measure, with so many friends world-wide. It has, however, been a wonderful change of pace to become much more familiar with our local environs, one of the very few places in the northeast where we can kayak one day and be in the highest mountains in new England the next!

We have both overcome some physical challenges along the path of these changes. But it hasn't stopped us from paddling most of the coast of Maine along the MITA trail this fall, a spectacular and challenging experience, as well as enjoying local paddles, several mountain bike runs and a heck of a lot of of skate skiing in order to regain and maintain good health through our passion for living outside, activities that we have had generally too little time for in the past.

We both, but especially Cheri, will find time, here and there, going forward to teach and mentor as time and opportunity permit. It is the natural order of things that the only constant, in living full lives, is change. Three years ago, Cheri started studying to become a nurse, and one year ago she she became a practicing RN. She is now fitting a per diem work schedule into her very busy life. Turner is becoming much more involved in importing Rebel kayaks and building custom SOF, as well as trying to wrestle the still long list of projects at the Barn to a happy draw. 

If you have become used to seeing us on our travels, perhaps it is time to come see us? We're available for sessions on the water, be it salt or fresh seas. We'll be around, and we'll also be out and about. A slower, more relaxed and enjoyable pace for sure.

We'll be posting the occasional event here on this page as we keep moving on!

More news soon, round the next headland...

Cheri & Turner