Perhaps YOU have an idea about where we should be? If so, be in touch! We are always open to new inquiries and ideas! if we build it together it will be cool!


Where's the calendar of events? Well, it has been in the plan for a wee bit that we were going to take 2018 off and reboot! The Barn is in need of a full spring, summer, and fall attention, so, that's what we're up to, by and large!

The travels we have had over the last 9 years since we moved to Maine have indeed been an extraordinary adventure! We'll doing a bit of teaching next year, but this year we are reacquainting with happy place projects, a summer of activities with family and friends that we haven't seen in a swimsuit in a decade, and as much local paddling as we can fit in.

Looking forward to several paddles this year on home turf on the coast of Maine, too! Maybe even the entire coast of Maine, Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Custom SOF Qajaq

Winter of 2018, I am retooling our Qajaq Barn operation for custom SOF building... more news soon on how we'll go forward from here. Get in the queue now for 2018 delivery. For more information, e-mail me!

More news soon, round the next headland...

Cheri & Turner