Interested in a Skin-on-Frame Kayak workshop?

Have you been fascinated by the historical roots of the kayak? Tired of rattling around in a kayak that is too big for you, or too much of a design compromise? Are you curious enough to want to build one yourself?


Have you ever been tempted to build your own kayak, but you are baffled by the dark art of bending ribs, or you are intimidated by sewing and finishing a kayak skin?  

Now is your opportunity!

Build a kayak that suits how and where you like to paddle. Whether you would like a rolling kayak, a flat water day kayak or a rough water kayak, Expressively and practically parsed by several different arctic cultures, skin on frame technology lends itself amicably to solving all of these design riddles and more. The Greenlandic qajaq is one of the most utilitarian and intimate of all boat traditions. All of these choices can be accommodated in these workshops.


With an eye toward appropriate technology and design, I am a woodworker by trade, an architect by training, and kayaker by passion. I will mentor you through the myriad choices, materials, and steps involved in the crafting a traditional Greenlandic skin on frame qajaq. Begin to master the simple tools and skills required to continue to build other kayak, once you are well on your way.


The workshops are not a stroll through, assembling a kit. For 12 days, at a minimum of 10 hours a day, one step at a time, this journey will reflect your present and your future, building a kayak that fits you in a way that you have only dreamt about, until know. One hundred hours. One kayak you will love.


A short list of simple hand tools is required of each student. Simple woodworking skills are highly recommended. 

Build a Skin on Frame in our new 'Qajaq House' nestled in the Foothills of the White Mountains, we are surrounded by stunning views and peaceful quiet!  We can host up to 5 builders for a week and a half of qajaq-building, and perhaps some backcountry x-c skiing at either the crack of dawn, or by moonlight, if you have any 'get up and go' left!


We are currently scheduling Skin on Frame building workshops email us and we can try to suit your schedule for this Winter!

Skin on frame workshops will be posted on our itinerary page. Please inquire if you are interested in taking part. We also offer other ways to build boats, over longer period of time, working side by side in the Barn. If you are more local to us, and more likely to be able to piece three four day weekends or four three-day weekends together, this sort of format may work a good deal better for you than trying to find 12 days off in a row.

If you would like to help host a workshop, I will send you some info on how this all works. Please do not hesitate to contact me!  Check out this link to a SOF building workshop in Isle of Skye

Also of interest;  Olly Gotel's fun story of building a kayak with Turner a couple of years ago...

O n g o i n g

I also build custom and replica qajaq for all manner of kayakers and their chosen kayaking challenges. For more on how a kayak can be built to suit follow this path. For more on my background as a builder and designer please try this link.