Rebel Kayaks

There's a rumor making the rounds that Rebel Ilaga have made landfall in the USA... 


This may in fact be true ;-)

Ilaga and the Rebel T deserve a place in the USA market. The Swedish boat designer Johan Wirsen and Aquarius Kayaks of Poland, have done a remarkable thing in reviving these design and getting them once again into production.

In our travels in Europe the last three summers we have witnessed their increasing numbers and the smiles of their owners. We have been able to paddle them too, more and more, and so when Johan showed up in our class this past summer one thing led to another and we proposed helping the line find a foothold in the USA.

We see them as complimentary offerings to the custom bespoke SOF qajaqs that we build, and the rough and deep water Tiderace Kayaks that we already offer. We are happy to have them in our fleet of offerings for students and buyers alike.


The Ilaga is 17-10" long and has a 19.75 beam with a relatively roomy ocean cockpit. It is fast and has very clean lines. It also will help you connect the missing dots in your roll. It is a spartan, clean ride with two flexible 10" round Kajaksport hatches stock. Smarttrack foot braces and skeg system.

We have two Ilaga here in Maine that you may want to run your eye over or better yet try. These are version 2.0 quality builds, folks! Strong, stiff and light. Both of these kayak weigh under 40 lbs, WITH hatches.

One is a Sandwich Plus, the other a Sandwich Pro. These are both demo boats. Sorry neither are available for purchase!


The Rebel T is 17-'10" as well with a 21.25" beam. It has a generous keyhole cockpit, and has a 10" Round forward, and an large oval hatch and 6" round day hatch aft, all again flexible Kajaksport covers. Smarttrack foot braces and skeg system.

Available Lay Ups

Sandwich - Deck hand layup  is Vinylester. Vacuum-bagged epoxy hull, Kevlar with cork in between. 
Sandwich Plus - Both deck and hull, vacuum-bagged epoxy carbon/Kevlar with cork in between.
Sandwich Pro - Both deck and hull, vacuum-bagged epoxy carbon with cork in between.

Available Colors

Several colors are available stock. White, Black, Red, Tan, and any of those with either Carbon or Woodgrain inlay. The Inlays are a $200 upcharge.

You can mix and match top deck and hull colors. Custom colors are also available by special order.

Inquire or Order NOW!

If you have been waiting patiently for this to happen and know you want to order one now, for delivery in the early fall, by all means contact me. We are presently collecting orders to put in motion a full container. Right now I have room, but if you want a Rebel you shouldn't let too much seaweed under your boots. Only you can make this happen, so if you fall into this category, e-mail me and we'll sort out what you want. Or better yet, go over to our online store and investigate the pricing and options available, then back out of the cart and THEN e-mail me! ;-)