Tiderace Sea Kayaks

For the last four years now we have become more and more involved with Tiderace Sea Kayaks, our 'dynamic water' sea kayaks of choice. As Tiderace Pro paddlers we have had a number of opportunities to put these beauties through their paces in varied sea states, and we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with other kayakers all over the world.

Getting these kayaks into the US market has offered some challenges along the way, but in the last 18 months we have orchestrated three container deliveries for the benefit of Eastern North America dealers and their customers.



Kayak Ways, located in Brownfield, Maine, is now offering, in association with MIKCO, of Peaks Island, Maine, individual sales and service for folks that live in the Northeast US. In early April of 2017 another container will arrive, and there will be a dozen or so new 2016 and 2017 model year kayaks to choose from. This container will focus on the more playful side of the line, Xcite and Xcite-S, Xtra and XtraHV, but there also be a smattering of Xplore. We have made an effort to flesh out these kayaks in both Hardcore and G-Core Layups, with a few G-Core Lite in the -S models. 

Savannah Canoe & Kayakin Savannah, Georgiaand Sweetwater Kayaks, in Clearwater, Florida, are also Tiderace dealers in good standing.  If you live close to any of these dealers it will be well worth your while to be in touch with them regarding these fine kayaks.

If you are farther afield, please contact us. At the moment you have an opportunity to order exactly what you have been thinking about, the model, the layup, and the color, in time for Spring paddling, arriving in the Spring of 2017.  But don't hesitate, as soon we'll all have fresh stock to feast your eyes on, but it may not be exactly what you could have pre-ordered, directly from us.



What do you want to do with your new kayak? Tour, Play or Speed? If you are interested in help narrowing to a model that suits how you think about paddling, check out the choosing a kayak model page

 If you want to know more about the construction of Tiderace kayaks go to the technology page, with specific kayak layers of construction.

If you are interested in our current stock, both brand new and recent-year used kayaks, please contact me to discuss design options, availability and prices. He's is also available to answer any questions you may have about the line if you want to place a custom order for future delivery. 

If you think that you pretty much know what you are looking for, go to the 'Tiderace Sea Kayaks' Tab in our Online Store and order! We'll will still follow up with you directly in this case to make sure that you get what you are looking for.

If you just can't get enough info about this broad and deep line of excellent composite sea kayaks, the best place for the most information on all of their many models is on the Tiderace Sea Kayak website. There you can chase every morsel of info that will help you better understand the best composite sea kayaks available today!



Tiderace Demos in 2016 

The water is beginning to chill but we are still kayaking for another month, before we hit the snowfields. It is still not too late to demo one of the models we have in our demo fleet. We occasionally offer event demos on our Itinerary page on this site. Hope to see you there! Alternatively you can arrange a demo with me directly.