2024 Courses

Experience the Dark Art of the Skinny Stick

These 2-day workshops are for all levels: beginner to advanced. We'll explore foundational skills, experience the grace of the Greenland paddle, and learn from a repertoire of rolls.

Two day workshops
South Portland, Maine in conjunction with Portland Paddle.  June 15th-16th
Peaks Island in conjunction with Maine Island Kayak Co.  August 3rd-4th
One day workshops

Southern Maine Sea Kayak Network for members and guests- SMCC, South Portland, Maine-June 24th

Just Paddle

Interested in learning how to paddle with the skinny stick, this 2 hour workshop is for you!

Burnt Meadow Pond, Brownfield Maine-August 6th- 1p-3p

Cheri coaching norsaq rolling

Cheri coaches rolling with a norsaq.

Ready to Roll!

This is an intensive just about learning how to roll.  We are starting out the 2024 season with 2 pool sessions.  The first one focuses on the Standard Greenland Roll and the second is the beginning steps to learning forward finish.  We are only taking 4 folks per session.

Burnt Meadow Pond, Brownfield Maine, August 6th- 9am-12p

Perhaps YOU have an idea about where we should be? If so, be in touch! We offer custom courses and trips, and private mentoring on weekdays.

We are always open to new inquiries and ideas! if we build it together it will be cool!

Sea kayakers learning Greenland-style paddling

Photo by Tom Bergh.