Experience the Dark Art of the Skinny Stick

August 21-22, Peaks Island, Maine

Explore the foundation skills of the extensive Greenland rolling repertoire: layback, forward, and sculling rolls with the paddle, norsaq, hand, and more!

Experience the elegance and ease of Greenland strokes: canted, sliding, vertical, bow & stern sweeps, bow & stern rudders, sculling draws.

Learn the balance brace, sculling brace, and chest scull, as well as low, high, and deep pry brace recoveries.

Build and practice skills. In this 2-day workshop, we will begin with a thorough breakdown of how the roll works on the land, followed by in-water coaching. We'll discuss the design features of the stick and how it functions best, and then we'll try it on the water with a strokes component. Each day we will practice what you have learned and build on that foundation.

Greenland Paddling

Beginners to Advanced. Workshops are geared to all levels of rolling ability. Beginners will come away with an understanding of the foundation of rolling. Advanced rollers will have a deeper understanding of small details that allow for a breakthrough on their rolling path. Mentors will be able to add to their tool box. Our small group size allows for personal coaching.

Come Roll with us!

Your Instructors


Turner Wilson
Turner Wilson

Turner Wilson has been a skinny sticker for over 20 years, and is one of those rare paddlers outside of Greenland who began paddling with a traditional blade. Turner participated in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships, and he has demonstrated and has taught Greenlandic kayaking techniques worldwide.

Liz Johnson
Liz Johnson

Liz truly enjoys helping others build confidence and skills while learning to assess conditions in outdoor environments. She is a Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Instructor, and has British Canoeing and International Sea Kayak Guides Association certifications. In winter, Liz has worked as a PSIA alpine instructor and adaptive skiing volunteer.

Nick Oyler
Nick Oyler

Nick began paddling 20+ years ago as a teenager in Richmond, VA.  Over the years, Nick has developed a passion for the skill and finesse of Greenland rolling.  As an ACA instructor, Nick enjoys coaching in a wide variety of settings and he particularly enjoys helping others progress towards their rolling goals.


See our PDF of What to Bring. You will be asked to sign our Waiver & Release before class begins.