Hand Crafted! Fit to you! Rolling or Paddling or Rough water Qajaq? Your choice!

Have you ever been tempted to build your own kayak, but you are baffled by the dark art of bending ribs, or you are intimidated by sewing and finishing a kayak skin? Perhaps you don’t have enough time or woodworking skills? Custom Built kayaks are the best answer!

Imagine a kayak that suits how and where you like to paddle. Whether you would like a rolling kayak, a flat water day kayak or a rough water kayak - expressively and practically parsed by several different arctic cultures, -skin on frame technology lends itself amicably to solving all of these design riddles and more. The Greenlandic qajaq is one of the most utilitarian and intimate of all boat traditions.

Check out the Qajaq Fitting Guidelines to see how the measuring process goes.

Turner Wilson is his kayak building barn.

Learn a bit about Turner and why he builds… here.

Skin On Frame Hoops
Skin On Frame Coaming
Skin On Frame
Skin On Frame Interior
Skin On Frames Gunwhale Beams
Skin On Frame Hoops
Skin On Frame Coaming
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