Ready 2 Roll!

These workshops are designed for folks working on their first roll or working to make that first roll consistent. Working on land you will learn the basic details layback roll.  We'll show you how to practice key movements at home on your living room floor. We will fine tune YOUR land drill to make it specific to your body’s strengths and areas of challenge.  Then we will practice the same moves in the water with the avataq before we finally add in the paddle.  This gradual approach helps to eliminate confusion, and creates a solid functional roll.

Mentoring: Each participant will be paired with another roller and coached on how to help your teammate perfect drills. Every member of the group will be given one-on-one time with an instructor as well as working with a teammate. While we never guarantee a roll, our aim is for you to be further along your path to a roll than before the session.

See our PDF KW what to bring to the pool. You will be asked to sign our Waiver & Release before class begins.