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Turner Wilson

We have a demo fleet of Rebel Kayak that will be available to sample. The Ilaga is the original ocean-coaming, Greenland-style kayak in the Rebel Family. The larger Greenland TOC and the smaller Naja, Cheri’s favorite, complete the range.  Each of these models provide the paddler with a more intimate fit and a traditional look, as well as hard chines for a more recognizable and stable secondary on edged turns. Depending on your frame size, be it 90 to 210 pounds you will find one of these three kayak will fit you best. These kayak can be further customized to fit you by utilizing different sizes of foam masik that we will have available. If folks want to roll, we will have tuilik of various sizes.  Rebel also offers a keyhole-cockpit, hard-chined kayak family: The Rebel T, the Husky, and the Gnarly Dog. The latter two have lots of hatch space to facilitate longer trips and multi-day camping weekends.

Liz Johnson
Cheri Perry

The Xceed family, the latest development from Tiderace Sea Kayaks, our big water and trip kayak of choice. These kayak are currently offered in 4 sizes. There is an Xceed XS for small folks, the Xceed-S for small to mid-sized folks, the Xceed for med-sized to large folks, and the Xceed X for large to xtra-large folks, or for paddlers looking to go on longer expeditions with limited opportunity to resupply along the way.  Also available, the Xtra, Turner’s favorite kayak for having fun in and around a beach break, or anywhere that has bigger conditions. It is notable for a strongly articulated planing hull.


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Tiderace Kayaks Xceed Family
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Chungshih paddling a Tiderace Xcite