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Tiderace & Rebel Kayaks Demo Day

Sunday, May 23, 2021 | Willard Beach, So. Portland | 9 - 12
Cheri Perry mentoring kayak rolling


See our Itinerary for a class near you, or form your own group for a custom class. Our DVDs, This is the Roll 1 & 2, demonstrate a comprehensive repertoire of rolls. Or check out Kayak Ways YouTube Channel for tips on rolling, kayak fit and more!

Turner Wilson Tiderace Xceed-S


We import Rebel Kayaks - finely crafted, composite versions of traditional skin on frame qajaq -  and Tiderace Kayaks - our first choice kayaks for dynamic water. Turner also builds superlative, custom-to-you, skin on frame Qajaq

Traditional wooden kayak paddles


Turner carves custom paddles, 'Paatit', inspired by the tools of the Greenlandic seal-catchers. These are elegant and purposeful instruments, crafted to your specific measurements, from the finest materials available.

This is the Roll

From the multiple award-winning filmmaker who brought you This is the Sea comes the most comprehensive video yet on learning to roll your kayak. A must-see for those seeking this path.

This is the Roll 2

Five years in the making, this video brings you expert instruction on 22 Greenland-style rolls. Each roll is clearly demonstrated with underwater footage, multiple angles, detailed analysis and easy-to-follow learning progressions.