Chungshih knocking

Introducing Ipik by Gearlab

How it all happened…Our history with Gearlab

When Gearlab paddles first hit the market, we contacted Chungshih. He graciously sent us paddles to review. We sent him our detailed opinion. Years passed; we noticed that the paddles were steadily improving...

Then the Kalleq came out. Those sharp lenticular blades got our attention. Just prior to the pandemic, we asked Chungshih to come visit. And he did.


We knew that with modern technology, the traditional shape of an oval loam and unique shoulder would be hard to replicate, but we challenged Chungshih to try to create it. We know that while round is relatively easy to manufacture, oval is much more difficult.  Turner and Chungshih talked about the possibilities. They compared the many wooden paddles that Turner has carved, and we all went paddling so Chungshih could try them.

Chungshih in woodshop

Turner and Chungshih decided to work together to create a lightweight carbon paddle with sharp edges, an oval loam and a traditional shoulder.  

This collaboration was the first step in the creation of the new Gearlab paddle called Ipik.

We are all excited to introduce the newest Gearlab paddle: the first one with an oval loam, traditional shoulder and the same great blades as the Kalleq. 

Gearlab Ipik shoulder, loam and blade

Gearlab Ipik

Available now for immediate shipment!  Get yours now!
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