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For several years now we have become more and more involved with Tiderace Sea Kayaks, our dynamic water sea kayaks of choice. We have had a number of opportunities to put these beauties through their paces in varied sea states, and we enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with other kayakers all over the world.  Check out our Current Inventory

Tiderace Kayaks Xceed Family

The excellent and now legacy designs, Xcite, Xplore, and Xcape laid an important foundation, with real world experiences creating useful feedback.

The benefactors of all these new ideas and conversations are the Xceed family.

Xceed, Xceed-S, Xceed-X, and Xceed-XS, now four incrementally-sized kayak targeted to a particular weight range. These are all CAD designs from the ground up, to express these form ideas in a range of logical sizes, depending on your relative size.

The Xtra and Xtra-HV are still very much part of the Tiderace future, as are the Pace.

The Xtra was designed for play in surf and rock hopping, yet it keeps pace with the group on a day trip. Quick acceleration, excellent stability, and loose ends for quick cut-backs are some of the highlights of its design. The Xtra and Xtra HV have plenty of storage volume for camping trips

Tiderace Xtra
Turner Tiderace Xceed S by the Cushing Cliffs

Tiderace has always had strong design team, and with the shift in production to Nelo of Portugal, a stalwart company that has vast experience in both the surf ski and Olympic class worlds, I have in the last year received some of the best built Tiderace ever. We have witnessed a deeper understanding, expressed in more refined detail. This innovation has encouraged us to freshen up our fleet, in order for more folks to try and enjoy.

This Spring offers many of us the opportunity to collectively re-imagine how we live our lives, particularly in relation to our favorite outdoor activities. Mainers, Maniacs, as well as kayakers farther afield will be looking to this paddling season with renewed enthusiasm!

You still have an opportunity to order the model, layup, and/or custom color, in time for 2024 paddling. Visit the Tiderace website for detailed overview, spec sheets, and ‘Colourway’ options. Please contact us if you want to chat, inquire, or simply try out any of the new Xceed be it, XS, S, the Xceed, and X, or Xtra! If you have been imagining yourself in one of the Pace, we can order these as well.

Kayak Ways, located in Brownfield, Maine, offers individual sales, service, and instruction. If you are farther afield, please do not hesitate! Drop me a line!

Turner giving Tiderace Kayaks a thumbs up!

Photos of Turner by Judy Segal.