Snowy mountaintop in Brownfield, Maine

Wow… What year that was!

Just over a year ago, we realized that 2020 would be like no other in anyone’s living memory. Adjusting to new rhythms and circumstances is par for the course. In the last couple of years, even before the virus struck, folks may have noticed that we have taken a break from traveling the world and teaching kayaking. Suddenly, everything around us came to an almost full stop.

Now, in the first spring days of 2021, we are fortunate to be healthy, fully vaccinated, and poised to reclaim and develop new pathways into our future. Cheri is looking forward to again teaching kayaking this summer. For some time, Cheri has been focused on becoming an RN, and, upon earning her degree in late 2018, has been in practice for these last two years. Now that she has honed her new RN skills, she’s excited to be filling her calendar with rolling and skills classes.

Cheri Perry
Turner Wilson

Turner will continue to focus on developing resources and tools in support of Kayak Ways, importing the best composite Greenland-style kayaks available, Rebel Kayaks, as well as the exciting new kayak designs coming from Tiderace. He has been teaching Greenland skills for well over 20 years, and it is time he step away from most teaching gigs. If you have interest in Rebel or Tiderace kayaks, or a custom Skin on Frame or paddles, drop him a line.

Cheri will be teaming up with Liz Johnson, a local Maine Sea Kayak Guide who also enjoys the skinny stick, to offer sessions for rolling and strokes. We are just beginning to fill in the calendar, so check our Itinerary.

If you are interested in learning some skinny stick skills, whether in a private lesson, in a group class, or possibly a guided trip in Maine, just drop us a line. We are also going to be available a few select weekends to travel in the New England area so if you are interested in having us come to your club, or kayak shop this summer, please be in touch.

Traditional paddlers' gathering
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