Cheat Sheet and PowerStretch Hat

New Merch

Trying to sort out your first Roll?  Need some help?  Cheri and Liz have been busy creating a Cheat Sheet for the Standard Greenland Roll.  It encompasses a basic key word for each step at the front of each row and a photo of corresponding step both on the land, AND in the water, the final box has a description of what is happening in each phase.  Best of all its laminated so it is water ready!  Just tuck it under your decklines for easy cheating!   Cheat Sheets for the Standard Greenland Roll are $10. 

Coming soon, Cheat Sheets for forward finishing rolls, and the storm roll.

We decided it had been way too long since refreshed our hat supply. Black Power Stretch fleece hats made locally with the Kayak Ways logo embroidered on them are NOW available for $30.

Cheat Sheet & hat
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