Rafting up with Turner on Cayuga Lake

Oops! But we’re paddling on…

While most of folks think that I look graceful in a kayak, I am quite klutzy by nature!  Turner will attest to this he is always commenting on that fact, “for someone who is so graceful when she rolls, you wouldn’t know it when she is out of her kayak.”  It is true, I often do some dumb thing usually without much consequence, getting by with a bump or a bruise, a strain, or sprain, but not this time.

Cheri Rolling on the Lawn
Cheri bracing

Without going into great detail, I was my clumsy self and managed to fall 10 feet straight down landing on hard objects.  Requiring an ambulance ride or two, ending up at Maine Medical Center.  I fractured my pelvis in several locations.  While that is bad news, the good news is that all the fractures were lined up including the complete fracture. Which meant I could choose to avoid surgery, albeit a more conservative, but longer and painful approach.  Since I have always felt that the human body is an amazing thing and is prone to healing itself if possible I went without surgery.  I did stay at MMC for 9 days and was fitted with a body brace with hip extension set to 30 degrees, which means I’m reclined all the time, but can remove the brace in bed as long as I stay reclined.  Went to New England Rehab for 14 days to learn to live with my new self, before arriving home about 12 days ago. The doctors expect a full recovery, fingers crossed.  I would like to say that I got fabulous care from the all the caregivers in ALL the locations.  Really amazing how wonderful everyone has been that has come to my bedside.  This experience will certainly make me a better nurse!

Poor Turner has had his world turned upside down as well.  In addition to being my main caretaker (he is great). I am now currently living in Turners wood working shop!  My friend’s Debby and Steve, helped Turner convert 1/2 of the wood shop to make a little home for me. Thanks so much!

Turners wood shop
Turner at Demo Day

Turner has un-retired from teaching and is now leading the workshops this summer with Liz, they make a fabulous team.  Turner is really enjoying sharing his deep knowledge set.  Liz Johnson has been hugely helpful since my injury, between visiting and spelling Turner for chunks of time, she has been fab.

Well my summer has turned out quite differently than I planned, and so has the whole Kayak Ways team.  As far as workshops for this summer, instead of me leading, Turner is now head coach.  Liz Johnson has been working hard learning to coach Greenland style, I have been training her up since May.  She was a quick study given all of her kayaking, guiding and instructional experience that she already had solidly under her tuiliq!  She really has a wonderful way with people and is proving to be a strong asset. Turner and Liz have already taught together at 2 events and have gotten rave reviews.

Liz Johnson
Nick Oyler

Finally, Nick Oyler is going to be joining our team as well.  He has been a Rebel dealer in Virginia that we have worked with for a few years now.  He has moved to the Great State of Maine, as we know it is a large state, and he is a bit farther down east, but we expect to see him on occasion as he can join Turner and Liz at particular events.  He has been coaching skinny stick for a bit, and has worked with us in the past.

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