Ready to Roll!

This four week progressive workshop is designed for folks working on their first solid roll. You will learn in detail how the basic layback roll works. We'll show you how to practice key movements at home on your living room floor. As you progress each week, we'll fine tune YOUR land drill to make it specific to your body’s strengths and areas of challenge.

Mentoring: Each participant will be paired with another roller and coached on how to help your teammate perfect drills. Every member of the group will be given one-on-one time with both Cheri Perry and Liz Johnson at each session. While we never guarantee a roll, our aim is for you to be further along your path to a roll than before the session.

Cheri Perry teaching kayak rolling

Photo by Judy Segal.

Four Mondays in May from 1-3pm

Session #1 Monday, May 3rd

Since the water will be cold, this first session will concentrate on detailed land instruction with no upside down water time. We will spend a good amount of time practicing the roll on land. You will be given some “homework” exercises to practice for the week.

Session #2 Monday, May 10th

We'll start by reviewing our land exercises for clarity and address any questions. Then we'll add some land edging exercises to our repertoire. Water temperatures will still be on the chilly side, so we will spend about 1/2 of our time on land before moving to the water, to try some supported rolling.

Session #3 Monday, May 17th

We'll warm up and review our land exercises. During this session, we'll spend more time in water working on supported and unsupported rolling.

Session #4 Monday, May 24th

By our last session, you'll be well versed in land exercises! After warming-up and reviewing those exercises, we'll devote the session to improving your rolls and any troubleshooting.

Average sea water temperatures, Portland Harbor, Maine:

May 1-15 = 47ºF / May 16-31  = 51ºF

  • When: May 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2021; 1 - 3p.
  • Where: South Portland, Maine. (Session 4 location TBD.)
  • Cost: $260 for all 4 sessions; 10% discount for SMSKN members.
  • Max: 6 participants.
  • Register Online.

See our PDF of What to Bring. You will be asked to sign our Waiver & Release before class begins.