Spring Island, Vancouver, BC

Spring Island

Those words bring to mind so many powerful feelings. Panoramas dominated by the the coastal mountains of Northwest Vancouver Island and the mighty Pacific Ocean. The past echoes and the present beat of First Nations peoples continues to resonate.  Still great stands of Cedars, teetering on the edge of rocky cliffs, sentinels announcing this remote and remarkable collection of islands, creatures and vibrant sea states all making up the surroundings of Spring Island.

Spring Island

Listen to the panoply of wave sounds in all their many temperaments, be it a lapping ebb tide on sand, a big clean swell, or a breaking behemoth.  The past and future surge, like the tides, with environmental change and the beat of history. Heavy breathing from behind you as you are paddling along, could be a grey seal has that has decided to follow you! Or? Spouts of water shooting up into the sky nearby! What kind of whale is that? 

Check out those cheeky rafts of sea otters, recently re-introduced to their native habitat, and learn about this complex history! We love to watch them roll and dive into the waves, coming up with an oyster and a rock, beating it on their chests to have a snack. The curious little creatures are often seen climbing onto each others backs to get a better look at you!

Sea Kayaking through an Arch

Bull Kelp beds are reviving in the area and funny little crabs, among other creatures, live on and in this microcosm. Endless and gargantuan logs and root balls on the beaches wait for you to explore.  Pretty tiny shells, large purple starfish, orange starfish, sun stars, and the colorful smaller bat stars, big tides. Leaping salmon, and soaring, then diving bald eagles dance their eternal ritual of survival. Watch immature young eaglets daring to let loose on their first hesitant soarings across their future domain.


Handful of Seashells

We have found that one of the best ways to enjoy this area is to take advantage of the eco-conscious hospitality of Spring Island’s only summer inhabitants, West Coast Expeditions, a unique environmentally focused recreational kayaking company, run day to day by Dave Pinel, Caroline Fisher and their son Morgan, as well as their talented team of experienced guides.

Water Taxi with Sea Kayaks on top

Stunning sunrises and sunsets, remote outer island hospitality, fantastic and healthy meals, and hot showers! Settle down at night in your cozy tent on a platform. Evening camp fires, leisurely walks in the forest, with knowledgable marine experts available to explain the world they love.

British Columbia Sunset

Let West Coast Expeditions serve as base camp to punch out beyond the Mission Group to Brooks Peninsula if you feeling strong and confident.

West Coast Expeditions will inspire you to experience the best that this wonderful area of the Canada has to offer! 

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