Once upon a time... there was a qajaq-rolling junkie, who met a qajaq-rolling fool. We had so much fun, we decided to wrap our heads and hearts around the idea that we would paddle, roll, and teach, all around this big blue ocean planet... if you would like, join us, or have us join you! See you on the water!

Cheri loving the Skerries
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Loving one smooth race wave at Morte Point...
Must have! coffee socks! and boots

This is the Roll 2 Preview

Five years in the making, This is the Roll 2 brings you expert instruction on 22 Greenland-style rolls. Each roll is clearly demonstrated with underwater footage, multiple angles, detailed analysis and easy-to-follow learning progressions. Available as digital downloads and NTSC or PAL format DVD.

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This is the Roll Instructional Video

From the multiple award-winning filmmaker who brought you "This is the Sea" comes the most comprehensive video yet on learning to roll your kayak. A must-see for those seeking this path.

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DVD's, hats, tuiliq, avataq, carbon or our own wood paddles, norsaq, of course Skin on Frame kayaks, see it all in our new KayakWays shop!

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